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Mystery Grab Bag of 10 Cards! Seconds Sale Stationery!


Image of Mystery Grab Bag of 10 Cards! Seconds Sale Stationery!

Heads up! These mystery grab bags are a nutso crazy good deal and there’s a reason for that: they might have very slight imperfections such as a teeny creases or slightly off center printing. They can also be discontinued designs, printed on different card stock thickness, or have my old logo on the back. There might be small spots, smudges, or light ink streaks either on the artwork or the “white space” of the card, or small streak on the artwork. The color might not be completely as “en pointe” as I expected when I got it from the printers.

Here’s what I’m saying:
These are totally send-able, they just weren’t up to the standards of what I send to my retail stores and it would be a pity if they didn’t have a happy home!

It’s a total mystery! You’ll get a mish-mosh of greeting cards and envelopes (yes, you get those, too!) They will not be individually wrapped in cello sleeves.
There’s no guarantee of what’s in the grab bag, but I do promise you’ll have at least one birthday card in the mix and there will be no repeats in each grab bag bunch- *But please note that you MIGHT have a repeat if you order more than one grab bag. There might be different holiday cards inside, but no more than two in each bag.

💌Ready to take a chance and see what ya get?!🛍🎁🎉